The nap: what are the advantages

If more and more people are complaining about sleep problems or excessive fatigue after a day's work, it may well be that the solution to their problems is a nap.

Often neglected, the nap is a time of rest taken during the day that stimulates learning capacity, improves memory and helps reduce blood pressure.

Many researchers believe that the need to nap is an innate biological rhythm of all mammals, including humans. It is especially important for those in stressful and demanding professions. Researchers at Stanford University found that emergency room clinicians who napped for about 25 minutes had fewer performance gaps and felt less fatigued. It's true that with age and especially the hectic lifestyle of recent years, the number of hours tends to drop. Naps are therefore there to help regulate the body and compensate for the little sleep we get at night.

How many minutes for a nap then

The number of minutes you allow for your nap will determine whether you emerge from it invigorated or in a state of sleep inertia, i.e. more tired than before your nap. It is recommended to have a nap of 10 to 20 minutes. Such a duration generally limits the nap to the stage of light sleep, which facilitates waking up. A nap of this duration is therefore ideal for improving alertness and concentration in particular. On the other hand, a nap of 30 minutes or even an hour can make you drowsy and more tired when you wake up.

It is not necessary

Naps are not necessary, nor are they for everyone. Some people feel great without having to take a nap. Nevertheless, it will be beneficial to you in times of extreme fatigue.

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