How many times people must wash hands, hair and body per day, in order to prevent Covid-19?

Face to the Covid-19, human beings' lifestyle radically changed. Henceforth,  corporal hygiene becomes a social question. To prevent against Covid-19, do people wash hands, body, and hair sufficiently ? Let  us discover together, how many times people should wash hands, body, and hair to face coronavirus.


 How many times me have to wash body per day?

It is important, and compulsory to wash the body every day. It is recommended to wash  twice a day, at most, mostly for fragile bodies. Many persons think washing body too many times could  destroy microorganisms on the body. That is so wrong, washing body is good for human organism. So people have to wash the body twice a day, mostly navel, axilla, because the virus could stock in there and develop.


 Wash hands deeply and  so many times.

Washing hands was important before the appearance of Covid-19 because, it helped to protect against some gastric infections. But with the coronavirus, washing hands showed its importance. There is not a bit of time when human beings don't pass hand by their face. Moreover, the virus transmission's way is the nose and the month. So washing hands could reduce the risk of catching the disease. You must wash hands following suitable steps. First, wet your hands with a soapy water, rub your them one against the other during at least twenty seconds. Wash the palm and the back, and rinse hands with simple water. You must also wash hands during the same duration, when you are using hydro alcoholic solutions.


 Wash when you want.

Some persons wash hair once a week, that is not dangerous for the help in this pandemic period. The scientists don't prove yet the transmission of the virus by the hair's way, even when we touch them with our hands. Before the droplets will Hooke, it needs a mucosa. But it recommended to wash hair when there is overflow of sebum.


To prevent against Covid-19, every person should observe a personal body cure. Washing hands and different part of the body help preventing against coronavirus

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